Workshop on Automotive Cyber Security


[13:30 / 13:45]

Workshop openings

Dario Stabili and Pal-Stefan Murvay

[13:45 / 15:00]

Opening Keynote

Prof. Daniele Antonioli, EURECOM
Information and Entertainment for Automotive Researchers: A Fresh Look into Proximity and Remote Attacks on Vehicles

The talk explores two recent research projects focusing on emerging and relevant remote and proximity-based attacks on vehicles, including cars and e-scooters.
We will cover "On the Insecurity of Vehicles Against Protocol-Level Bluetooth Threats (WOOT'22)", where we explored protocol-level Bluetooth threats, like the KNOB and BIAS attacks, on secure connections between smartphones and infotainment units. These attacks were unexplored in 2020 and are still receiving little attention despite being effective on any Bluetooth-equipped vehicle.
Then, we present "E-Spoofer: Attacking and Defending Xiaomi Electric Scooter Ecosystem" (WiSec'23), in which we assess the security of proprietary Xiaomi security protocols used by millions of Bluetooth connections between e-scooters and companion mobile applications. These attacks should receive more attention as the automotive industry relies heavily on proprietary and undocumented technology, leading to ineffective protections and security-through-obscurity.
We close the talk with critical lessons learned and promising future research directions.

[15:00 / 15:15]

Poster session

Road Decals as Trojans: Disrupting Autonomous Vehicle Navigation with Adversarial Patterns
Wei-Jia Chen, Chia-Yi Hsu, Chia-Mu Yu, Yu-Sung Wu, Ying-Dar Lin and Wei-Bin Lee
Future-proofing Secure V2V Communication against Clogging DoS Attacks
Hongyu Jin, Zhichao Zhou and Panos Papadimitratos

[15:15 / 15:35]

Coffee break and Poster session

[15:35 / 17:45]

Papers presentations

Hyperloop: A Cybersecurity Perspective
Alessandro Brighente, Mauro Conti, Denis Donadel and Federico Turrin
Emerging E/E-Architectures as Enabler for Automotive Honeypots
Niclas Ilg, Dominik Sisejkovic, Paul Duplys and Michael Menth
Crash Course: Can (Under Attack) Autonomous Driving Beat Human Drivers?
Francesco Marchiori, Alessandro Brighente and Mauro Conti
Towards a New Configurable and Practical Remote Automotive Security Testing Platform
Sekar Kulandaivel, Wenjuan Lu, Brandon Barry and Jorge Guajardo
Secure, Robust, and Energy-Efficient Authenticated Data Sharing in UAV-Assisted VANETs [Pre-recorded]
Atefeh Mohseni Ejiyeh
CANGen Practical Synthetic CAN Traces Generation using Deep Generative Models [Pre-recorded]
Yucheng Yin, Jorge Guajardo, Pradeep Pappachan and Vyas Sekar

[17:45 / 18:00]

Closing remarks

Dario Stabili and Pal-Stefan Murvay